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CABB combines extensive technological capabilities with outstanding process development skills. We have plenty of experience in the safe handling of demanding chemistry, in creating and continuously improving complex chemical processes, and in optimizing key performance indicators related to e.g. yield, cost or safety.

These abilities have over many years been proven in custom manufacturing projects with leading global players in the agrochemical, pharmaceutical and speciality chemicals sector.

Expertise on demand

CABB ChemCreations gives customers access to these highly specialized capabilities in the form of modular service packages.

The ultimate goal always is the creation of a safe and efficient production process for a molecule described by the customer. Depending on each customer’s specific needs, our cross-functional team may deliver the full development stream from Route Scouting to Piloting, or cover individual stages inside of it.


  • Parallel synthesis in process research
  • Analytical method development
  • Process safety assessment
  • Process optimization
    • Input factors
    • Yield
    • Solvent usage
    • Quality
    • Waste
    • Recycling
    • Energy costs
    • etc.
  • Conversion from batch to continuous processes
  • Safe handling of demanding chemicals