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 Sophisticated chemical process design


CABB ChemCreations is a service offer that delivers production processes for complex new molecules in the agrochemicals and speciality chemicals industry.

A team of highly specialized chemists, process engineers, analytical experts and safety professionals first explores and evaluates potentially viable routes. Subsequently they design, realize and validate the most efficient, safe and sustainable option.

The ChemCreations team’s scientific and technical skills are complemented by state-of-the-art synthetic and analytical lab equipment plus a dedicated pilot line at CABB’s site in Pratteln, Switzerland.


Projects may encompass one or more of the following modules:

  • Route Scouting
  • Process Research
  • Process Development
  • Pilot Production

When closing a module, the customer receives a technical documentation which may include

  • safety assessments
  • sustainability assessments
  • related IP

After pilot production, a detailed campaign report is handed over to the client as the base for commercial production.

CABB additionally offers to transform the project from lab-scale piloting to commercial-scale custom manufacturing.